Dead of Night it’s the beginning of a complicated Love story set after WWIII. The two main characters have this incredible chemistry that you can see from the first chapter. The story is told in the pov of the two main characters that has you sitting on the edge of your seat throughout The whole book and it is one that I can’t wait to be continued. With every calm section there comes a twist or a turn that had me wanting to not put this book down.  There are parts of the story that connect the characters in the book perfectly and Carlyle has truly out done herself having read some of her other titles I was extremely excited about this book and it exceeded all of my expectations I’d advise anybody who’s a sucker for a Love story to book buy the amazing book you won’t regret it . Having heard some of the background story about the characters lives during the book I found myself highly afraid for them. I know that sounds weird but you know you have a good story when you care about the characters. Along with there stories the two main characters name were beautifully chosen.  Opel and Aecker became people I came to care about and the story when on chapter after chapter I started believing how they found each other was for a higher purpose but That’s all I’m saying if you think you would like this please please please go buy it I would recommend it highly.

My star rating is 5 out of 5



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